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Buster and Miss Kissy Poulet by P. Pritchett

We Love Our Chickens!

A few years back, Jerry and Patty decided to combine their love of animals and the desire for healthy eating. After much research, we began keeping backyard chickens both for laying eggs and as pets. Over the last few years, we have increased our flock to feed eggs to not only our extended family in three households, but to offer our extra eggs for sale locally while maintaining the highest possible quality of life for our birds, and the best possible eggs we could produce. As friends and neighbors found out about our eggs, and tasted them when gifted a dozen here or there, they began pleading that we sell any extras we could.

Our chickens are antibiotic-free. Our hand-picked friendly roosters keep our eggs fertile as they gently court their "ladies". During the day, all our chickens range freely in over a half acre of pasture, eating native grasses, bugs, worms, and more as they turn the soil with their scratching. We have additional paddocks and pastures they can be turned onto, which typically results in a mad dash to see who can find the best hidden goodies first. Some days, they are even hand-fed healthy treats.

Our chickens have even taught us optimism! They scratch the ground over and over, each time stopping to eyeball the turf where they have scraped, asking the question enthusiastically, "What did I get?", fully expecting some tasty morsel to be present each time. If there isn't anything there, they keep at it and are soon rewarded.

We often sit in the yard and watch them in the early evening and call it "Chicken TV". Who knew they'd make great pets? Our chickens obviously love us too, because they follow us around like a large pack of puppies!

We can deliver our World's Best Farm Fresh Eggs from pastured free-range, organically fed, non-GMO fed hens delivered right to your door in some areas! See our egg page for details.

Our egg shell colors range from brown to light tan, and pale blue to olive green. Each carton we sell is usually mixed colors, unless otherwise requested. The nutritional value of eggs is not determined by egg shell color, but by the food and supplements that the chicken has eaten to produce the egg. We are quite happy to furnish brown eggs only when requested. Personally, we still get a cheap thrill at seeing a fresh green or blue egg. TheAmeraucana breed that lays these eggs is also called an "Easter egger"!

If you look, you can see that chicken egg shells  are white inside, regardless of the outside color laid over the shell before the chicken deposits it in the nest. The idea that brown eggs are healthy and white ones are not comes from the fact that American egg producers understand the public's perception and therefore, most selling large quantities of organic eggs only sell brown ones. It has served to show the public that they were getting a uniquely different product. Those producers selling everyday eggs to the corner grocery store know their customers expect to get white ones. The fact is also that Leghorn chickens lay more eggs that any other breed and those selling to the average grocery store make more money per bird by selling the white eggs those hens lay.If the green and blue eggs are not what you want, just let us know. We guarantee them to be as healthy as any brown ones we sell, but we aim to please!

Our green and blue eggs are laid by our Ameraucana chickens, a friendly breed we added to our flock when we discovered they make great pets as well as laying hens. Most of our chicken breeds, unlike commercial layers, were picked for their disposition and ease of handling, but we also picked those breeds that lay a reasonable number of eggs. All our breeds lay fewer eggs per bird than commercial Leghorns, but many are our pets. Our current breeds include Black Java, Dominique, Ameraucana, Black Australorp. Each breed, like other domesticated animals, has it's own temperment, with distinct variations between individuals. We have one hen, Miss Kissy Poulet ("poo-lay", French for "chicken"), a Dominique, who loves to sit in our laps and demands to be petted each time we are in the chicken yards. If she jumps in a lap and does not get petted, she leaves in a huff!

We make home deliveries of our eggs, produce and jams to most Rockett, Palmer and Ennis addresses. (Click the Home Delivery link for schedule). Just think of those yummy breakfasts you will enjoy!