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Jerry's jellies and jams were a big hit at the Texas State Fair Competition!

Festive Habanero Jelly won the First Place ribbon under the “Open” jelly category. The “regular” or “one fruit” jelly categories require only one specific fruit be used (grape, strawberry, peach and the like), so an exotic jelly like this had to compete against a huge field of entrants with all sorts of ingredients in the “Other Jellies” category.

Our Natural Chardonnay Grape won Second Place under the “Domestic Grape Jelly” category. Wow! Do you know how many grape jelly entries a state fair receives? We are quite proud.

Natural Raspberry Jam won Honorable Mention under the “Raspberry Jam” category. Per the info they sent, that means Fourth Place and only one of those is awarded, and this is not just a certificate for participating!

Congrats, Jerry!  We are so proud.

About Our

Preserved Jams, Jellies and Fruit

Each of our canned jams, jellies and canned fruits are created in our kitchen according to strict standards compiled by the National Center for Home Food Preservation. Not all of our products are organic, but we attempt to provide products that are as close to organic as practical, and all ingredient labels specifically state the nature of the components. All sugar and spices we use are certified organic.  Our prep kitchen is sanitary and clean and we insist on safe handling of all foodstuffs. The members of our family that work in the kitchen are trained by attendance at local health department classes to insure the best quality product and safe handling practices.


Many of our recipes have been developed in our home kitchen by Jerry, tweaking standard recipes by adding to or subtracting various ingredients to suit our extended family's taste. Some of our creations, are “secret family recipes” developed over time and tweaked to reach the best possible savoriness. Most other recipes are derived the world wide web, a few from old cookbooks. All recipes are tested and only those that pass family muster are brought to market. We hope you enjoy these jams, jellies and canned fruits as much as we do!


All of our recipes are low sugar, unless otherwise noted. We use exclusively certified organic cane sugar. We no longer offer all-fruit jelly due to lack of demand. For those who have preferred our all-fruit jams and jellies in the past, please bear in mind that the calorie per tablespoon in our low-sugar products and the calories per tablespoon in commercial all-fruit recipes available elsewhere are virtually the same, according to the manufacturer's product labels. We do not make any jellies, jams or canned fruit with artificial sweeteners, as we prefer all natural products.

Recycling of Canning Jars:

Appropriate canning jars are part of our cost of our preserved products. The glass jars are recyclable. For each of our jars returned in reusable condition, we will pay $0.50, whether you purchase more product at the time or not. We will only purchase the size and type of jars we are currently using in production.  At this time, that includes Kerr or SKS 1/2 pint plain (not quilted) jelly jars, and SKS 1.5 pint jars.

Our canned goods are sold at the at the Ennis Farmer's Market when it is in session, or can be delivered to your home or business, along with our eggs, fruit and vegetable products.

We appreciate feedback about our products and any suggestions you may have to improve them. Send us a line and tell us how we are doing!