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Jerry's jellies and jams were a big hit at the Texas State Fair Competition!

Festive Habanero Jelly won the First Place ribbon under the “Open” jelly category. The “regular” or “one fruit” jelly categories require only one specific fruit be used (grape, strawberry, peach and the like), so an exotic jelly like this had to compete against a huge field of entrants with all sorts of ingredients in the “Other Jellies” category.

Our Natural Chardonnay Grape won Second Place under the “Domestic Grape Jelly” category. Wow! Do you know how many grape jelly entries a state fair receives? We are quite proud.

Natural Raspberry Jam won Honorable Mention under the “Raspberry Jam” category. Per the info they sent, that means Fourth Place and only one of those is awarded, and this is not just a certificate for participating!

Congrats, Jerry!  We are so proud.