In October 2014, Rusty Mill began limited individual home delivery of eggs, produce and canned goods twice per month to the greater Ennis area, during that portion of the year the Ennis Farmer's Market was not in session. Our home delivery option became so popular that we continued it during the subsequent Farmer's Market 2015 session. So popular in fact, that we have had no eggs left to sell at the market. We've talked to our hens, but they can only lay so many!

In 2015, we changed our delivery schedule to every other week. We are in the process of adding a data base of customers who want delivery of produce and canned goods only (no eggs) to begin November of 2015. Any interested customer may sign up for email notifications as to what is avilable every two weeks, as our available products change regularly, depending on what is in season. One is not required to purchase on a regular basis. Below is the schedule of notifications and other pertinent information.

We deliver to the greater Ennis area every two weeks year-round. Delivery customers are allowed first choice of any available produce or other goods.

Rockett and Palmer areas are included in our home delivery route from November through March (when the Ennis Farmer's Market is closed for the season). During the market season, April through October, please visit us at our booth in downtown Ennis on Saturday mornings.

We email our home delivery customers two days before any delivery day, letting them know what products are available with current prices. The list will include any canned goods or other items which are not currently listed on the web site – Customers must respond by 6:00 PM via email, the day before delivery, in order to be added on the route. You will be notified if your order or some part can not be filled for any reason. All products are on a first come, first serve basis. Responding with your order early helps insure it can be filled.

Delivery occurs every other week on Saturday mornings, unless weather or other factors prevents it. In that case, a reschedule for later in the day or another day will be sent by email.

You do not need to be home for delivery. Please specify where you wish the products to be left if you will not be home.

For free delivery, we require a minimum $12.00 purchase. The delivery charge for under $12.00 is typically $2.00 but may be more or less, depending on your location. You may group your deliveries with friends and neighbors to save a delivery fee, if we can deliver to just one home in your group/neighborhood.

Preferred payment is by check or cash. If no payment is left for us at the time of delivery, you will be invoiced by email. You may pay by mail, or on the next delivery day, or at the market during season. We do take credit cards but only in person, as our processing company requires the card to be present. When delivering, we do not carry the credit card device during Saturday market days in Ennis as it is needed at our booth. November through March, we will have the device with us so you can pay at the time of delivery. Paying later is a convenience offered for those who do not wish to wait for us.

During very cold or hot weather, we suggest you leave a cooler for your products to be placed in if they are not to be picked up soon.

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