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Fresh and Preserved Produce

Because our fresh produce stock varies according to what is in season, and which items are currently ripe for harvest, we will not be listing what produce is available weekly on the web site. Please contact us at any time by phone, text or email to see what is currently available.

All produce we sell is harvested from either my own organic garden or orchard, my brother's organic garden or orchard, my mother's organic garden, or from our 18' X 60' climate-controlled greenhouse. We also have access to various fruits such as pears, peaches and grapes that are grown locally by neighbors and friends without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We have used organic methods for gardening for decades, using no inorganic pesticides, no inorganic herbicides nor any chemical fertilizer.

Our mother set the stage for our belief in organic and holistic methods starting in the late 1950s as a farm wife and mother, dedicated to her family's health. Vivian stopped serving my brothers and I and my dad white bread, sweet cakes, cookies that we were used to, and began being feeding us healthier food - much to our dismay at the time! She acquired a dairy goat plus a hand-cranked grain mill which we then used to make our own whole grain flour for bread and biscuits. The males in the family were dismayed at the time that the grain mill took the place of the hand-cranked ice cream maker, which began to suffer from rare use. Oh, we still did get the occasional treats but some did taste a bit different and coarser.

You might wonder how an somewhat isolated farm wife in western Oklahoma learned in the 1950s anything about health foods? At the time, my father had a commercial egg laying operation financed by Purina Mills. Every Friday, he would sell eggs to homes and businesses in Oklahoma City on a regular route. One of those places he visited each time was one of the first health food stores in the entire state. The owner's name was Minnie and that is where my Mother's journey began – dragging us kicking and screaming at first. We soon learned to appreciate her efforts!

Future Plans for Rusty Mill Farm:

Add an Aquaponics system in one corner of our greenhouse and hopefully expand it when we are able to successfully operate a small test system. Aquaponics employs a closed loop system in which water circulates between fish tanks (usually holding a breed of Tilapia) that passes intermittently to gravel growing beds for plants in a controlled environment. The waste matter from the fish provides nutrients for the plants. The plants, in turn, filter and clean the water which is then recirculated back to the fish tanks.

Establish a farm stand that will be open once a week all year long. This could happen in the fall of 2015 at the end of the Farmer's Market season though possibly not until 2016. We have not determined yet whether the stand would be on one of our farms or elsewhere, in a higher traffic area.

Continue to expand our knowledge and offer a wide range high-quality products.

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