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Festive Habanero Jelly

Festive Habanero Jelly  Price: $5.00, Size: 8 oz. jar.

Ingredients: Dried apricots, distilled vinegar, organic cane sugar, red onion; red, green, orange & yellow bell pepper; habanero chile, pectin.

If you like things a little bit spicy and quite tasty, this jelly is for you! All about flavor, it is the perfect gift for that someone who likes a bit of kick to their jelly without setting them on fire. We use mostly apricots, with just a touch of habanero heat. Each pepper is de-seeded and de-veined to increase desireable flavors while reuducing the "fire factor". Not just for biscuits, it goes well as a sauce on pork and fish dishes too. Our customers tell us they love to serve it to guests with cream cheese and crackers, or with chips as a dip. It has heat, but it's not “fire engine” level for most.