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 Our Favorite Links

Azure Standard Co-op - quality bulk & natural foods

Vitacost- brand names vitamins, supplements and healthy foods at deeply discounted prices

Fran's Fryers Co-op - natural chicken, turkey & beef

Frontier Co-op - bulk organic foods & spices

Sprouts Farmers Market - Cedar Hill location. Natural & organic foods, supplements.

Ann's Health Food Center & Market - Waxahachie location. Natural & organic foods, supplements.

Cottonwood Creek Ranch - lean Texas Longhorn beef products.

Ennis Farmer's Market- where we sell our products spring, summer, fall.

High Mowing Seeds - 100% organic vegetable seeds.

TX Raincatchers - rain water harvesting tanks.

Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill - where we buy our organic bulk grains & most non-GMO supplements.

Coyote Creek Farm - Video - a short video on Coyote Creek's philosophy and their operation.

Scasta Farm -  A holistic farm in Ellis County, providing private sales, small farm tours for families or small groups of students. They network with other like-minded people in the farming industry. (Like us!)

Soil Food Web - Dr. Elaine Ingham discusses soil building by increasing the natural microbiology of the soil, therefore eliminating the need for fertilizers, herbicides,and pesticides.

The Unconventional Farmer - Grow food naturally without fertilizers or pesticides.