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About Our Eggs

We deliver the world's best Farm Fresh Eggs from pastured, free-range, organically-fed hens right to your door in Rockett, Palmer, Ennis, and sell eggs (when available), jams, jellies, canned fruit, baked goods and our seasonal produce at the Farmer's Market in Ennis, Texas from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturdays from the first Saturday in April until the last Saturday in October.

Unless otherwise requested, we sell our eggs in an unwashed condition to retain the natural bloom which coats the egg as it is laid to prevent spoilage. Nature ensures the egg has a barrier to prevent bacteria from entering as it is waiting to be set on and usbsequently hatched by the mother hen. For this reason, eggs that have not had the bloom removed by washing may be kept at room temperature for weeks without spoilage. Once washed, eggs must be refrigerated since the possiblity of bacterial contamination through the shell is possible.

We can provide washed eggs upon request. Unlike commercial operations, we do not use harsh detergents or chemicals to wash our eggs. We hand wash using very warm water with a small amount of food grade hydrogen peroxide. The eggs are then rinsed with cool running water and allowed to air dry before adding to a clean carton and then refrigerated.

We mill our feed ingredients right on our farm. Unlike some other local sellers, to feed our chickens, we actually purchase 90% of our certified whole organic/non-GMO grains and supplements from Coyote Creek Mill Farm, in Elgin, Texas. Coyote Creek produces 8,000 organic eggs daily for Whole Foods Inc. and has 10,000 organically fed laying hens. Our hens eat a feed formula developed with the assistance of Coyote Creek advisors. In addition to their ingredients, we further supplement the feed with Calcium Carbonate and organic XPC green yeast culture in every batch we create. We grind new fresh feed every 4 weeks, insuring the freshest possible ingredients for supplying our chickens. Bagged pre-ground feed sold commercially loses freshness quickly and nutrients deteriorate within a few weeks of grinding at the mill. It deteriorates further while stored at the consumer's location. Feed from local feed storescan be many months older before it reaches your coop. You are what you eat, and therefore you are whatever your food eats. We believe fresh is best!

We raise chickens and eggs for our extended family's use, but do sell the extra eggs to those people in our area that are interested in healthy organic eating. Egg shell colors range from brown to light tan or white, and pale blue to olive green. Each carton is usually mixed colors. For egg delivery, we ask that you order a two dozen minimum. Eggs are $6.00 per dozen.

We are continuing to expand our line our products as time progresses, including but not limited to home canned fruits, jams and jellies, fresh produce, and more. Those items (in addition to eggs, when available) will become available at our booth in the Ennis Farmer's Market on Saturdays, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, North Dallas St. at West Ennis Ave. We can now deliver jellies and jams with your egg orders.Check our other pages to see what is available!

​Please note: As of summer 2015, our home delivery of eggs has increased to the point that we have none to sell at the Farmer's Market. As our flock continues to expand, we may have a larger stock to include in market sales.