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Courtesy of Ennis Daily News, edited by P. Pritchett

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April 4th - October 24th2015,

North Dallas St. at West Ennis Ave, Ennis Texas. See Map on Contact page. We also offer limited home deliveries!

A Little About Us


Back in the 1950's, our mother, Vivian Pritchett, joined the very beginning of the health food movement before most anyone knew what that was. In that era, many households began moving away from healthy organic foods made from scratch with the best possible ingredients, and some began opting for faster prepared foods as they became available in the grocery store. Our mother frequented the first health food store in the entire region and with the help of the friendly owner, Minnie, began a journey that continues to this day.  Vivian has remained a driving force in the family toward a whole healthy lifestyle, including organic foods, non-GMO foods, no pesticide, and organically raised foods.

Her sons, Danny and Jerry Pritchett, continue her work. Their mission has always been to help provide our extended family in three households with the best possible tasty and healthy prepared foods, and quality organic produce. In the last few years, Jerry began keeping organically fed/Non GMO fed chickens for creating the world's best eggs as part of that activity.

We grow our fruits and vegetables organically, fertilized (in part) by our chicken's fully composted droppings. The chickens are given the waste leaves and vegetables from our garden to supplement their diet. Other garden debris and kitchen waste are composted and used to fertilize the garden. We practice recycling of natural resources, reducing waste, a natural cycle of returning to the earth what came from it and reaping food and animal products based on using (as much as possible) a closed loop. Eventually we hope to incorporate aquaponics (fish and veggies raised in green houses), and rainwater collection into the equation.

Danny and Jerry have now retired from the outside workaday world and decided their time would be very well spent sharing our family's excess bounty with friends and neighbors (after much poking and prodding from same). Our Rusty Mill Farm is part of the locally grown food movement and offers produce (in season), jams, jellies and eggs from organically fed, Non-GMO-fed hens for sale.

We are dedicated to quality!

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- Danny and Jerry

Quality ingredients, delicious healthy food, happy people